At the end of a hard day, there's nothing like hurling a big, heavy ball at a bunch of innocent little pins to work out your frustrations.  - Paul Lukas, writer for




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To increase the value of our members investment by promoting and improving the image of bowlers.

We strive to strengthen the professionalism of our members and provide

resources to increase the profitability of their operations.




8/9/12 - New Flyer Created: "There are many great reasons to join a youth or youth/adult bowling league"


6/21/12 - Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Pull-tab Games and Electronic Linked Bingo



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Did you know?? Rolling a 8 to 16 pound bowling ball at 17 to 25 miles per hour down

60 feet of lane uses 134 muscles. Can you imagine the calories you will burn while rolling 210 of those balls

in one fun packed league night?!? In fact, bowling 3 games at 2 balls per frame will produce the

equivalent of a one mile walk and burn 198 calories per hour. All that and bowling is fun, too!










Live. Love. Laugh. Bowl!


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