At the end of a hard day, there's nothing like hurling a big, heavy ball at a bunch of innocent little pins to work out your frustrations.  - Paul Lukas, writer for




Bowling Proprietors

Association of Minnesota


BPAM Mission Statement
To increase the value of our members investment by promoting and improving the image of bowlers.

We strive to strengthen the professionalism of our members and provide

resources to increase the profitability of their operations.


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Allied members of the BPAM



ATM Network / Cardtronics

Provides nationwide ATM machine sales, processing, and

repair services along with award-winning customer support

Contact: Chad Woolson

Phone: 952-767-2003 



August Schell Brewing Company

Proud brewer of Grainbelt Premium

Contact: Shawn Ryan

Phone: 612-961-0003



Bay Tek Games

We aspire to be the best in the world at developing and

manufacturing coin-operated games for our customers

Contact: Holly Meidl or Jenna Woepse

Phone: 920-822-3951





Bobs' Business, Inc.

The Midwest's largest full line bowling distributor

Contact: Jason Rehder

Phone: 651-388-4742




Bowler's Equipment

Excellent reputation for installing new and used lanes; installing

pinspotters; lane resurfacing; lane injections; and much more

Contact: Michael Osada

Phone: 763-389-3654



Brunswick Bowling (Capital Equipment)

Brunswick will make your modernization project the best thing you've ever done for your center.



Corporate 4 Insurance Agency


Contact: Peter Gutlovics & Glenn Carlson

Phone: 952-893-9218



Edwards-Brandt & Associates, Inc.

An organization dedicated to its customers. We seek out the best

companies that offer the appropriate coverages at a fair price.

Contact: Bill Gasperi, Doug Rurup, and Steve Fettkether

Phone: 1-800-373-7000





Jazzy Ape Custom Sports Apparel

Customized shirts for schools, companies, teams, or individuals. Our dye sublimation shirts are only limited to your imagination!

Contact: Teri Haugh


Phone: 507-210-1432





Minnesota Employers Insurance Services

Our commitment to our customers is simple, we provide a very competitive insurance program

for the Minnesota & Wisconsin hospitality industry at a very affordable premium.

Contact: Josh Anderson

Phone: 612-619-1457





Schemm Bowling, Inc. (SBI)

Our Mechanics have On-Site training and can assist you with servicing your Pinsetter or Lane Machine.

Our Mechanics are on call 24/7 to provide your bowling center with the service you deserve!

Contact: Tom Schemm

Phone: 1-888-724-2695




Theisen Vending Company

Minnesota’s leading supplier for vending and amusement games

Contact: Judi Heston

Phone: 612-827-5588,ext. 123 or 1-800-633-3436




Wilson Mutual Insurance Company

Has the coverge you need to protect your business and personal investments

Wilson Mutual Promo






 Did you know?? Rolling a 8 to 16 pound bowling ball at 17 to 25 miles per hour down

60 feet of lane uses 134 muscles. Can you imagine the calories you will burn while rolling 210 of those balls

in one fun packed league night?!? In fact, bowling 3 games at 2 balls per frame will produce the

equivalent of a one mile walk and burn 198 calories per hour. All that and bowling is fun, too!









Live. Love. Laugh. Bowl!


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QubicaAMF Worldwide

Whether you are planning to build a new bowling alley or modernize an existing

one QubicaAMF is the best company resource for your bowling investment.

Contact: Jim Grant

Phone: 414-520-9083