West Central North Conference - 2012



Advancing to Varsity State: Detroit Lakes / Frazee

Advancing to Varsity MQT: Wadena / Bertha-Hewitt / Sebeka / Verndale

Advancing to JV State: Detroit Lakes / Frazee



2012 All Conference Team


Andrew Wendt - Detroit Lakes / Frazee (MOP) 

Caleb Deterding - Fergus Falls

Scottie Petersen - Wadena / Bertha-Hewitt / Sebeka / Verndale

Will Eliason - Wadena / Bertha-Hewitt / Sebeka / Verndale

Emma Devorak - Fergus Falls

Evan Menze - New York Mills

Mack Olson - Wadena / Bertha-Hewitt / Sebeka / Verndale

Tyler Black - Wadena / Bertha-Hewitt / Sebeka / Verndale




2012 All-Honors Teams

Detroit Lakes-Frazee:  In choosing a candidate for the All Honors Team, the choice was obvious.  Every team has a leader that keeps them going and inspires them to do the best they can.  For us, that is Tyler Glander.  He always keeps the team positive, even after dropping a ball on his foot he continues to charge ahead.  We couldnít think of a better candidate to represent Detroit Lakes/Frazee-Vergas. 


Fergus Falls:  The Fergus Falls All-Honors team nomination goes to a bowler who stepped up, and provided leadership for our young team this season.  Dedicated at practice, and consistent at meets, she had the teamís most improved fill percentage for the 2nd year in a row.  As a senior, she also reached her personal goal of making the All-Conference team.  This yearís All-Honors team nominee for Fergus Falls is Emma Devorak. 


New York Mills:  Creedon Dunrud has been selected to represent NYM on this yearís All Honors team.  Creedon has been a very dedicated bowler.  When he has had to miss a practice he will go on his own to bowl and will text his scores.  He is always energetic and fun to have around.  He has done a good job of helping to motivate the team. 


Perham/Underwood:  We would like to nominate Morgan Briceno to the All-Honors team for Perham/Underwood.  Despite not having a team to bowl with after transferring schools, Morgan joined our team as of the first meet in Fergus Falls.  I had noticed Morganís great attitude and her love to bowl over the last couple years as she bowled with Fergus Falls, so I offered to pair schools with Underwood so she would have the chance to bowl.  Despite not being able to practice with the rest of the team on a regular basis, Morgan has built some great friendships based on her positive attitude.  Morgan was less than a half percent away from making the All-Conference team this season.  We are very grateful that Morgan joined our team this year. 


Wadena-Deer Creek/Sebeka/Bertha-Hewitt/Park Rapids:  Ashley Tuttle is the 2012 nomination for All Honors team for Wadena this season.  She always shows up ready to bowl with a smile on her face.  Ashley is very dedicated in the classroom as well taking classes toward a future of engineering.  Her great attitude and respect for others makes her a perfect fit for this yearís All Honors Team. 






      13-14 2 Wadena    
4 New York Mills        
  17-18 1 New York Mills        
5 Perham/Underwood                 
          15-16 4 Detroit Lakes/Frazee-Vergas
    2 Fergus Falls        
      17-18 3 Detroit Lakes    
    3 Detroit Lakes/Frazee-Vergas        
    New York Mills        
    19-20 5 Fergus Falls    
    139.161   3rd Place    
    Fergus Falls        






      Junior Varsity        
    1 Fergus Falls 1             
      13-14 2 Fergus Falls 1    
4 Fergus Falls 2        
  11-12 1 New York Mills        
5 New York Mills                 
          11-12 4 Detroit Lakes/Frazee-Vergas
    2 Detroit Lakes/Frazee-Vergas             
      15-16 3 Detroit Lakes/Frazee-Vergas    
    3 Wadena        
    New York Mills        
    19-20 5 New York Mills    
    125.138.135   3rd Place